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Together Homecare believes in the power of technology to enable our clinicians to provide better care for our patients. That's why we've invested in industry leading solutions that enable our team to deliver a higher level of care quality and care coordination while facilitating compliance and positive outcomes.

Some of the solutions that Together Homecare has deployed include:

Together's ContinuLink Agency Management Software:

Although technology can work wonders, it's important to remember that patient care is of utmost importance to the providers of home healthcare. ContinuLink is a unique Web-based enterprise software system that facilitates Together's employee onboarding and scheduling, authorization tracking, billing, and clinical support services. ContinuLink provides us with real time OIG verifications, Medicare and Medicaid integrated claims submission systems, and data aggregation that provides Together with valuable information to improve quality of care and service delivery.

Together's Physician Portal

Our unique Physician Portal keeps doctors as active participants in their patients' continued recoveries. This unrivaled access allows physicians instant updates that include assessments, plans of care, visit notes, medication interactions and tele-health data. Our physicians receive email alerts, and can log in to the Physician Portal 24 hours a day — at their convenience — to review cases in detail. As a result, patients experience better care coordination and better outcomes, and physicians appreciate the seamless interaction from Together.

Together's Patient And Family Portal

Our proprietary Patient and Family Portal allows close monitoring of care by those who are most involved — those receiving care and those who care about them. Our patients and their families are empowered and involved in the care plan, and the system enables even long-distance family members to participate in the care of their loved ones.


This provides Together with a customized integrated HIPAA compliant messaging system that allows our staff, patient's, family members, and physicians to communicate electronically while preserving the context of the communication with respect to an activity, a task or a patient request.

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) and Telephony:

EVV is a telephone and computer-based system that electronically verifies service visits and shifts occur and documents the precise time service provision begins and ends. The purpose of EVV is to help Together Homecare verify that individuals are receiving the services authorized for their support, to ensure that all claims are accurate, and to provide immediate notification to the Together branch if a caregiver is late to an assignment.

Medispan Database

Together Homecare is proud to partner with Medi-Span for drug monitoring and patient education. Home Health Care providers face challenges with patient education and wellbeing unlike those experienced when care is delivered in traditional health care environments. Medi-Span helps meet these challenges with solutions tailored to home health care providers' needs. This allows Together to deliver complete drug information that caregivers can use to assist in everything from medication identification and dosing, to IV compatibility and patient drug education, to professional reference and more.


Together has worked with Netivity, a leading IT solutions provider, to implement a comprehensive information systems support plan using the latest software and hardware products to ensure that our team can support our patients and referral sources 24/7, 365 days a year. Together's network infrastructure and security provisions provide a HIPPA compliant, disaster proof communication and virtualization system that is built on the latest standards.


Our point-of-care laptops and netbooks empower our clinicians to document and access patient information and clinical protocols for every patient admission and supervisory visit.

Availity Cycle Management

To add the highest level of automation and deepest functionality to Together's claims process, we use Availity's Revenue Cycle Management that automatically validates patient eligibility and benefits, auditing claims in real time for errors, tracking and reporting on claim status and integrating with our Together agency management system.


Oasis Advantage for Payroll & Benefits

Together Homecare partners with Oasis to facilitate our payroll and benefits automation. Oasis' state-of-the-art payroll technology and outstanding benefits packages allow us to focus on our core business of coordinating in-home care for those in need while ensuring our caregivers and staff receive the services and supports they need.


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